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English Domains

Here you are right, in the mother of all English Domains!, the domain that combines all English domains in the world!



English Domains

ENGLISH DOMAINS, Mutter aller englischen Domains !, die Domain, die alle englischen Domains  der Welt vereint!

Egal, ob Sie eine deutsche, italienische, spanische oder  andere Nationalität mit einer englischen Domain mixen. Sie haben eine englische Domain. Soccer ist nun einmal soccer und wenn Sie Mode hinzufügen, weiß man, dass zu Schuhen, Kleidung, etc. führt. Wir können hier keine fremden Domains als Beispiel anführen aber der Weg ist klar. Mixen Sie eine today, global, cloud Domain mit Mode, Sport oder wie auch immer.

Eine Domain, die alles vereint ... Sport, Mode, Banking, Werbung........ Lassen Sie Ihrer Kreativität freien Lauf

Combined English domains and other languages

Are domains less value because they contain two languages? No!

Take your persuade nothing or from a broker to tell something that you are not personally agree. If you feel your domain is worth something and it meets certain criteria, then negotiating, if you receive an offer.






Remember, your domain there only once.                          


Cities or country Domain

You have unused domains, park them, but do not want, because you see the results, how parks are accounted for 1,10 or 100 domains in one year?            

You get less than $ 10.00 dollars or euros for parking your domains?          

Learn to wait, don`t offer to dumping prices and use advertising space.          

Do not trust the proposal sides of the domain parking companies, if you have a better price sensation.  Keep it until your price is there! A better value system does not exist!




Stay calm, do not sell too quickly. You have the best value system in the world in your hand. 

Who needs a TOP 100 DOMAIN?

Banking, insurance, fashion companies, car manufacturers, travel companies, etc. will not get past the new domain endings. Who says now ".... I do not need the" angry soon to have hesitated. Especially if it becomes aware of them and the business generally deflects.

The search engine in your head.........

With the new domain endings immediately enter the term into your browser, you are looking for without receiving 100,000,000 search results! This distinguishes the "new" from the "old" domains. Because the terms are already in the mind of the user.



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